Charity begins at home

Charity Begins At Home. We've raised in excess of £6000 across all of our Great British Inns and this year, we want to raise even more!

Making Sundays Specials

A third of people over the age of 70 in the UK eat alone every day. 
Every Sunday at all 6 of our restaurants we will be reserving a table for 4 guests who would otherwise be eating their Sunday lunch alone to enjoy a complimentary lunch on us! If you know any one who eats Sunday Lunch alone, drop us a message so you can create new friendships and memories and most importantly fill up on some damn good homemade British food.

Community spirit  

Our Community Spirit is reaching a new high through out 2016. Every member of staff in the Great British Inns family will be spending 2 days of their working year volunteering in the local community! From lending a hand in the local charity shop to mowing the lawn for an elderly person we want to help! Please let us know of any projects you would like us to get involved in.

Food for Thought  

Throughout the year we will be holding numerous events and food challenges to help support our local charity, keep your eyes peeled for details of these events and our famous Henry VII Burger Challenge! We will also be donating food supplies to local soup kitchens and shelters, once again please let us know if you know of any organisations that would benefit from our help!