Privacy policy

All information that we gather is done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

We collect Customer information from people whom we have asked for it and to whom we have explained why we want it. We will ONLY use it for the purpose intended. We do not transfer, sell or share this information with Third Parties and we take all necessary steps to prevent it from being used without our consent.

In addition, we collect anonymous information about what our Customers view on this website and how they use the site. This information is only used by us or on our behalf to improve the experience of Customers using our website.

We select our strategic business partners carefully because we cannot operate in the way that we want to without their cooperation. This inevitably means that information collected by us and on our behalf and to which we hold the intellectual property, has to be shared. We require all of these persons or organisations to uphold our standards in all respects of the relationship between us.